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Sticker Swap

Welcome to the website where you can swap your unwanted stickers from a wide range of collections and publishers.

We have loads of "swaps" from such publishers as Panini, Merlin, Orbis, Magic Box and many more.

We use a "2 for 1" swapping system where you get the sticker that you need by sending us 2 of your swaps.

It's a great way of completing those old sticker collections that you can no longer find.

Just click on the publisher's name on the left to see which collections we are currently swapping.


We always have a selection of individual stickers for sale, so please get in touch. We also from time to time auction stickers on eBay so click the logo to see what we are offering today...

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We'll buy your old stickers
If you have unwanted stickers that you would like to sell - we would be very interested in buying them. Just get in touch and we'll make you an offer.